In order to meet the high hygienic standards in hospitals, medical practices, therapeutic practices, care facilities, etc., extensive and regular cleaning and disinfection measures must be carried out.

Multi-resistant pathogens and hospital infections, also known as nosocomial infections, are a permanent, complex challenge for clinical hygiene. Good surface and room cleaning
and hand disinfection form the basis for achieving a good standard of hygiene.

In preventive medicine, skin and hygiene are inextricably linked. A cleaning of objects, surfaces and rooms as well as a thorough disinfection of the hands are prerequisites for good hygiene management.

With the AKUT product range, we help you to raise hygiene standards without the use of chemical and harmful substances.

The properties of the CLINIC, SANITIZER and EPIDEMIC products are adapted to the challenges of the individual areas of application by the new methods so that no chemical agents are necessary for the disinfection of surfaces and hands.

An important and simple measure to avoid hospital infections is the adequate disinfection of the hands. SANITIZER serves to prevent the transmission of infections on the skin and both kills and eliminates the approach germs (transient flora) and reduces the location flora (resident flora).

Healthcare workers have to disinfect their hands repeatedly, almost entirely. The disinfectants applied to the skin contain a combination of various chemical additives that enter the bloodstream through the skin and thus pose a long-term health burden. We achieve the special nature of SANITIZER through the unique composition of natural substances in order to achieve a highly efficient effect against bacteria, viruses and spores without side effects for the skin and health.

EPIDEMIC is an impressively effective tool for containing and preventing epidemics and epidemics. It is used to treat quarantined areas, objects, rooms, vehicles, aircraft, ships, clean rooms, in industrial animal husbandry against e.g. B. the spread of swine fever or H5N1 and other areas that require an epidemic measure.

The application process can be carried out by spraying, immersing, wiping and atomizing, taking into account the prevailing conditions and observing the instructions for use.


With the AKUT product range, we help you to raise hygiene standards – without the use of chemical and harmful substances.

AKUT is highly efficient against bacteria, viruses and multi-resistant germs.

For clinical use as a preventive measure and for the containment of epidemics and epidemics.