Germs and bacteria survive in swimming and bathing pool water if the water has a low redox potential. The addition of chlorine or other oxidizing agents increases the redox potential in swimming or bathing pool water in order to reduce the germs and bacteria in the water. These chemical agents are absorbed through our skin and even lead to allergic reactions or other irritations on the skin in some people.

AQUA guarantees hygienic bathing water in a natural way and thus prevents the use of strong chemical agents. AQUA is also wonderfully suitable for the disinfection of water pipes, to treat a possible Legionella infestation or to counteract a possible emergence.

Fresh water tanks in camping vehicles can develop into the ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria due to external weather influences in combination with the material of the water tank and the duration of the standing water. By using AQUA, serious illnesses caused by bad water can be avoided.

The possible uses are almost unlimited and due to the natural properties of AQUA they can be used in many similar areas.

The application process can be carried out by mixing, immersing and rinsing, taking into account the prevailing conditions and observing the instructions for use.


When adding AQUA to the swimming & pool water, the germs and bacteria are instantly reduced, so that you can relax and experience the pool & pool water in a healthy way.