The LIVING program keeps surfaces in your household hygienically clean and free of germs, bacteria and viruses. With the products SURFACE and BATH you can improve the hygiene in your household and ensure a hygienic level in your home without chemical agents and their residues.

Surprisingly, in a household, the refrigerator with over 11 million germs per cm2 is the largest spinner. Then the sponge with 4 million germs follows on a milliliter of wringing water (of which 2500 can cause diarrhea). The kitchen floor has at least 10,000 germs per cm2. In contrast to the refrigerator, the toilet with 100 germs per m2 is considered almost pure.

These areas of application require your regular attention and can be permanently cleaned with the LIVING products with the awareness of protecting health and the environment.

Surfaces to be disinfected can be treated by spraying.


SURFACE is developed for cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and dining room.

BATH ensures an almost germ-free and clean room in your bathroom, toilet or laundry room.

Places where we stay the most and where we use the most. Therefore, these areas should be absolutely harmless to health as a whole.

The unique technology makes it
The nature of the BATH product is designed in such a way that all germs, viruses and bacteria on the surface are immediately neutralized when it is applied.

What remains is a hygienically clean surface without chemical residues.