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Algae and moss have been a natural part of our environment for billions of years and can be found almost everywhere, e.g. on trees, stones, house facades, paths, traffic signs, crash barriers, plastic, wood and glass surfaces. These life forms are more or less omnipresent.

Their germs spread with the wind; depending on the season and location, up to more than a million germs can be found in one m³ air, waiting to find a surface suitable for colonisation.

On exterior building components they are unsightly and undesirable. On mineral substrates, for example, they form grey or green shimmering veils and streaks. This is ensured by a permanently damp substrate in combination with settled dirt particles, which together provide an optimal living environment for these microorganisms.


A functional coating for facades, concrete surfaces, walls, masonry and other mineral substrates, especially those that are particularly quickly and frequently attacked by green algae,red algae, mosses, lichens and other organisms.

Algae growth results in a “slimy” surface that can be dangerous on pavements or walkways and cause a number of slips. However, on buildings and other structures it is not necessarily harmful if treated as soon as possible. The expansion and contraction of the algal slime after it gets wet and dries out can not only leave stains on masonry and bricks, but also cause superficial damage to the stone surface. If the algae growth is dense, it can even create a habitat of its own for woody plants whose roots pose a risk of peeling off brick and stone. Moss is a troublesome plant that, if left untreated, can cause damage to the structure of any roof. It is also particularly unpleasant if it grows on a path, driveway or patio.

These are the most common conditions in which mould, moss and algae (green, red, brown, etc.) can thrive:

– Constant humidity / moisture

– Light, preferably the sun

– Carbon dioxide from the air

– Mineral substances from plaster / facade

– Temperatures from 0°C to 40°C



ERSTOMINERAL’s unique protection is formulated for the preservation of algae and moss infested plaster, concrete, facades, masonry, paths and other mineral substrates. It is a solvent-free, non-leaching top coat with carbonation-inhibiting effect and good water vapour permeability. ERSTOMINERAL penetrates deep into the capillaries of the applied substrate, provides deep protection and thus prevents new algae and moss growth on the surfaces in the long term. The so called ingrowth of moss and algae or new growth on the treated surfaces is practically impossible.

Permanently resistant to algae, moss and mould infestation

High moisture absorption and release properties

Deep-penetrating effect

Breathable – water vapour permeable

Inhibits carbonation

Resistant to aggressive atmospheres (acid rain)

Impact resistant

UV & weather resistant


Free from silver ions

Free from nanoparticles

Colour: milky to cloudy



ERSTOMINERAL Long-Term Protection is an excellent coating for mineral substrates in exterior and interior areas of mineral substrates in exterior and interior areas of new and old buildings, paths, railway tracks and and many other areas of application that suffer from or are threatened by algae and moss infestation.